27 Feb 2018

TEOCO Launches UAV Service Enablement Platform for Drones

TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimisation solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) and OEMs worldwide, has launched AirborneUTM, a Service Enablement Platform for unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs).

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Designed to support the next generation of IoT Services delivered via drones, the platform combines Airspace, Radio-Signal-Space (3D radio coverage), environmental data (wind and weather), as well as cost and regulatory information to enable, optimise and operate autonomous flight plans and missions.
Autonomous UAV operation requires 3D radio connectivity for command & control, communication, authentication and tracking. Wireless operators are perfectly positioned to provide these capabilities, as they have been providing them for the past 25 years in 2D environments. Now it is time to expand to 3D. The AirborneUTM platform allows CSPs to handle and register UAVs, while creating, planning and optimising operations to ensure full regulatory compliance. This includes support for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights, which are not restricted by how far the pilot can see. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to enable dynamic UAV flight operation – including real-time airspace control – while open interfaces will help the integration of the platform with other ecosystem solutions.
For CSPs eager to re-invent their core connectivity business, digital and IoT vertical use cases represent an opportunity for differentiation and monetisation, to drive upstream and adjacent revenues. The commercial use of unmanned autonomous vehicle is expected to increase exponentially across a range of industry verticals, including infrastructure, agriculture, transport, insurance, telecommunications and others. PwC has recently estimated the total market value of drone-powered solutions at over US$127bn (*).
“The use of drones for commercial services – from inspecting towers to agriculture, from delivery to emergency and rescue services – will be hugely disruptive and provides great opportunities for operators,” explained Thomas Neubauer, Vice President of Innovations. “TEOCO’s UAV Service Enablement Platform helps CSPs to reimagine the use of a key asset such as radio space, and gives them a unique opportunity to position themselves as the partner to help support and monetise future IoT vertical use cases. By enabling and optimising these services, while providing real-time analysis, CSPs will be in a position to drive a new era of drone powered disruption.”
(*) PwC Communications Review/July 2017


TEOCO is a leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimisation solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) and OEMs worldwide. Our solutions enable the digital transformation of CSPs while enhancing their network QoS, improving their customer experience and reducing their operational costs.
Through advanced analytics and automation, TEOCO solutions provide actionable and measurable insights into network and customer behaviour. This includes the optimisation, effective monetisation, and delivery of new and existing services, such as VoLTE and ViLTE. Our commitment to network flexibility and agility makes TEOCO the obvious choice for CSPs looking to leverage NFV/SDN and the rise of 5G, and to maximise the revenue potential of new opportunities tied to video and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT).  
For more information, visit www.teoco.com

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