14 Feb 2019

Artificial Intelligence used to make the best love song of all time – but will it set hearts racing?

Those concerned about the take over of AI, may be put at ease this Valentine’s as specialist international digital agency, Search Laboratory, launches the greatest ever love song according to data science – proving creativity can’t be replaced by AI.


Using bespoke artificial intelligence software to create the UK’s first AI love song for Valentine’s Day, Search Laboratory’s used its character-based Recurrent Neural Network, using Google’s open-source machine learning software, TensorFlow, to write the song. The software took the best bits from 999 of the world’s greatest love songs, creating the hilarious AI love song, Downtiration, Tender Love: by Search Laboratory and AI.


Downtiration Tender love

So we don’t get Feelin’ you say,

Why lf a lovely other need

And turned in sweetn smile and Sup

in ‘downtiration Tender love

Lamil’ like Love, love, love,

love beautiful waiting Will

keep us to the same,

you and me That’s what you go, woo,


I ask the curtains, it wasn’t fake

Pretend I don’t matter I’ve been tall

Soul wasted after for these

of L.A pringing Hey, hey, hey

Everyday is beautiful,

for but other manes

Baby, love, cho! nah

no, not girl But I know that you need




Okay, hit me, hit me when

I love you so softer If you run away,

drug away like a eat this time

There is all right hoy,

Sep all these feelings for trust,


Pretty little thing no wanna do

is pains to wrap my heart fell Sinking

Said we only got the lot

I think im in the coppenssence

She never compling papers of

my arms’s awake My eyes roof form,

just Sund a little loud

I’m a little bit out when he are em. Works





It seems that AI has a way to go before competing with top hitters such as Ed Sheeran and Marvin Gaye, however the technology does show the potential and future has to offer, and its potential to shape the way we work, live, play and even love in years to come.


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