07 Dec 2017

Massive Analytic, Synthetik Mind and Citi Logik Join Forces to Pioneer Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Network Analysis Tools and Automate Data Science

Cutting edge SMEs Massive Analytic and Citi Logik have agreed to jointly develop the next generation in advanced artificial intelligence technologies following their extensive collaboration in late 2015.

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The joint initiative will combine Massive Analytic’s proprietary artificial intelligence technologies with Citi Logik’s expertise in IoT and network analysis to improve understanding of urban living, intelligent mobility, public safety and smart parking to boost productivity in government, transport and local authorities.
Speaking on the collaboration, George Frangou, Founder and CEO of Massive Analytic and Synthetik Mind said: “We are delighted to be aligning our expertise in automated data science, video analytics and Artificial Intelligence with Citi Logik's deep expertise in network and IoT analytics and their market leading understanding of movement by vehicle, on foot and by public transport. The vision is to become the global category leader for the way people interact with data and control machines.”
Stephen Leece, Managing Director, Citi Logik said: “With the UK Business Secretary recently detailing the flagship “Building a Britain fit for the Future” industrial strategy White Paper, we believe the UK will be at the forefront of advanced data analytics. With first sector deals in Artificial Intelligence and Automotive, Citi Logik see huge opportunity for public good working alongside Massive Analytic and our key partners in the commercial and public environments. Our complementary competences can add real value in these areas.”

About Massive Analytic

Massive Analytic is an innovator with deep IP in automated data science, video analytics, and artificial intelligence. With patented world leading artificial precognition technologies, and a global big data heritage, Massive Analytic’s mission is to make effortless data driven decisions a reality for commercial businesses and public sector organisations.
About Citi Logik

Citi Logik is a network and IoT analytics company focused on understanding movement by vehicle, on foot and by public transport. Citi Logik (and Vodafone) have created a big data capability focused on predictive analytics to drive value from the existing mobile network.
For more information, visit: www.massiveanalytic.com

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