17 Apr 2018

Envelop Risk Announces Launch of Cyber Insurance Underwriting Firm

Envelop Risk, a global specialty cyber insurance analytics and underwriting firm, announced the launch of its business at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. Envelop Risk provides cyber underwriting to insurers and reinsurers; and partners with cyber security firms to deliver custom cyber insurance products for their customers.

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With unique insight into cyber risk driven by a proprietary, artificial intelligence-based simulation model, Envelop provides customers with greater economic value through more-accurate policy and portfolio pricing with increased access to capital markets, while reducing overall risk exposure. Envelop Risk’s founding management team combines decades of insurance industry expertise with sophisticated cyber software and artificial intelligence-based analytics.
CEO Jonathan Spry stated, “We are excited to launch new insurance offerings that address gaps in the rapidly-growing and increasingly complex world of cyber insurance. Our innovative, proprietary technology allows us to better determine risk and therefore price accurately. With the close of an initial seed funding round, we are in a position to expand and build upon our extraordinary team.”
Envelop was founded on the belief that the security of information systems is critical for ensuring economic progress. Leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of its founders, Envelop’s proprietary model addresses the complexity of cyber risk by combining artificial intelligence; security analytics; intelligence gathering; economic, financial, and behavioural analysis; and modelling and simulation. Envelop applies an augmented intelligence approach, combining quantitative methods with human expertise in underwriting and cyber security.
The company also announced that Dr. Ray O. Johnson (QxBranch), former Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Lockheed Martin Corporation has joined the Board of Directors with existing members Jinesh Patel (QxBranch, Dymon Asia Ventures) and Nicolai Hansen (New Nordic Advisors).
Dr. Johnson, the newest member of Envelop’s Board, commented, “Coming from Lockheed Martin, I recognise that cybersecurity represents one of the greatest threats facing our global economy, private corporations, and national sovereignty. Envelop’s augmented intelligence approach not only changes the game in risk factor analysis, it provides a more complete solution for pricing and providing insurance policy protection through our partners.”


About Envelop Risk

Envelop Risk is a global specialty cyber insurance analytics and underwriting firm, headquartered in London, with offices in Boston, Washington DC, and Bermuda. Envelop Risk provides delegated (re)insurance underwriting, while partnering with cyber security firms for custom insurance products that address the specific risk profiles of their customers. Envelop’s mission is to develop, underwrite, and distribute innovative insurance and reinsurance products that provide genuine coverage, and superior risk transfer for all parties. These capabilities are enabled by leadership in understanding the nature of cyber risk, driven by a core artificial intelligence model, and augmented intelligence development approaches to incorporating cyber and underwriting expertise. For more information visit www.enveloprisk.com or follow @enveloprisk.


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